Pushkin Photographer — Фотограф Петр Пушкин

Немного обо мне:

 Меня зовут Петр Пушкин, портретный, семейный и свадебный фотограф. в 2010 я много путешествовал по Украине, это привело меня в мир фотографии. Всегда рад новым знакомствам, люблю горы, море, поэзию, музыку, кино и вино. 

Мое детство прошло в маленьком городке на юге Украины. Уже тогда я жадно смотрел на этот мир любопытными глазами. Мне нравится видеть и показывать уникальные грани человека.

Если мои фотографии близки вам по-духу, обращайтесь! Вместе мы создадим что-то интересное!

Pushkin Photographer — Фотограф Петр Пушкин

  Create an interesting story. 

- The value of photography in the story they tell. The story of the beautiful, about feelings, friendship and loved ones. Do not look around, listen to your heart, it will tell you what is valuable to you! For my part, I will offer you options and help implement them :) 

 I'm photographing people.

- Do not worry, the people I work with are not models. I'll help you feel comfortable and easy, I'll show you, I'll tell you what's what. Everything will be type-top :) 

Work in Ukraine and other countries. 

- I adore adventures and travel. I shoot in Ukraine and other countries. You will only need to pay for the available means of transport and accommodation. 

  Booking dates. 

- To begin with, I will be happy to call, then a meeting or video call, we conclude a contract and make a prepayment for the reservation of the date.   

  Photographic equipment. 

"It's not a camera, it's a person who takes pictures." I use a set of 2 Canon cameras and a set of fixing Canon lenses, they are reliable and give an excellent picture. I also have a set of additional lights. 


- Of course! You can order 1-2 ... 3 photobooks for yourself and your loved ones. And get them within 30 days from the date of shooting. 

  Timing of the result of the photo. 

- You will receive the announcement in 5 days. And all photos with retouching for 30 days. And of course all photos will be delivered to you in a stylish design.  

  Call us! + 380 099 506 9500 and we will agree on a meeting, and we will discuss everything.