Pushkin Photographer — Фотограф Петр Пушкин

A few details about myself: 

Peter Pushkin is a portrait, family and wedding photographer. In 2010 I traveled a lot around Ukraine, then I came to the world of photography. I am always glad to meet new people, I love mountains, sea, poetry, music, cinema and wine. 

 My childhood passed in a small town in the south of Ukraine. Even then, I eagerly looked at this world with curious eyes. I like to see and show the unique faces of a person. 

 If my photos are close to you in spirit, please contact! Together we will create something interesting!

Pushkin Photographer — Фотограф Петр Пушкин

  Create an interesting story. 

How to book you on our date? 

 Write or call me to clarify the date. Then we will agree on a meeting, we will discuss everything, at the end of the meeting we will sign an agreement with a deposit.

Do you shoot in other cities and countries? 

 Yes, I'm interested to shoot in new places. You will only need to pay for the available means of transport and accommodation.

How do you dress for a wedding?

 I always follow the stipulated droskode, that would be on the same wavelength with the guests.

How many photos will be ready? 

 The deadline for the return of photographs is indicated in the packages, not more than 30 days. I also have express photo processing service (within 5 days after the wedding)

 We did not find the videographer / presenter. 

 I'll tell good specialists that I've worked with many times.

  Call us! + 380 99 506 9500 and we will agree on a meeting, and we will discuss everything.